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Our Story:

Holisitic2Health Wellness Centers was established due to a desire to offer patients an opportunity to take their health into their own hands in a way that was conducive to their finances and lifestyle. The clinic’s name was inspired by the journey patients must take to change their current lifestyle to one that is more holistic and wellness-based.
Dr. Latrice decided to open her own practice after seeing first-hand how various chiropractic clinics operated and wanted to provide patients with treatment options that suited their lifestyle. The sole purpose of H2H is to cater to all patients irrespective of any factors. She is skillful in many techniques which have allowed her to provide excellent quality of care. H2H has a vibrant atmosphere, convenient hours and comprehensive wellness plans; it’s a place where YOU have choices.
Our Mission:

Our mission is to remove hindrances for our patients and communities to provide them with the opportunity to start a journey towards balance and encouraging their body’s natural ability to health itself.
Our Vision:

Our vision is to offer the opportunity to holistically improve our patient’s health while providing the safest and highest quality care.
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H2H Wellness Centers